Mxperience Filipino Culture and Heritage

MXperience Filipino Culture and Heritage
MXperience Filipino Culture and Heritage

Truly 2016 is a great year to everyone as we overcome challenges and difficulties, and still standing through the test of time. Who will forget our Thank You Mom and Dad, the Father’s Day Activity, when we surprised our Daddies/Father/Tatay/Papa/Tatang during their days? A smile on their faces made us realized despite of their toughness there is softness within them. Who will also forget the Grand Parents Day Celebration; we let our Lolo’t Lola feel they are important. They deserve to experience and know what it is to be like a Techie.

And the most awaited part of this year is when Mx turns 18 last July 27, 2016. Who can forget this month long activity? Who can get forget the camaraderie and cooperation? Who can forget that once in our lives we face painted ourselves, wore a mask, have our hair colored and even worn different costume. We dance, sing, played and even the customers wanted to do it themselves to participate in our month long Anniversary celebration. YES, yes it happened!

We have created various marketing programs for different occasions; “Wika Ko Mahal Ko” for Linggo ng Wika, wherein all of us participated in wearing Filipino Costume. We joined the celebration of United Nations wherein we showcase different international brand of mobile phone. And who will forget our just concluded successful and heartwarming giving back to the poor –“Every Juan is A Santa”. This is the spirit we have in Mx, we care about each other, we care for customer and we care for our family up to extending it to those who are in need. Together, we are a Santa on our own way.

This year to welcome 2017 with a blast, the marketing came up with a Theme, “Mxperience Filipino Culture and Heritage” with a subtitle Let’s Have Fun Together, Sakay na Ka-Mx! Together, we will let the customer experience the Filipino Culture and Heritage through our stores nationwide. We will dress up the store according to fiestas, tourist destinations and culture. This also conveys that in most of the tourist destinations Mx store is there catering to the need of the customers on Mobile Phones. The execution of the program will be on Monthly/Quarterly basis.

Watch for more of the updates from our upcoming activities prepared for you. Visit our Facebook page for more information:

Mxperience Filipino Culture and Heritage.