Samsung Crown and The S pen

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship device, The Note 9. A premium device designed to the always on-the-go and busy smartphone users of the local and international market.

What Samsung (Note 9) Crown catch my attention?, The New S pen!

In fact, for me this is the biggest update Samsung given to its stylus. The S pen does more than just a launch Air commands, it also let you draw in the screen because of its Bluetooth Low Energy Module, antenna and super capacitor.

So what does it mean? Well, let’s take a look at some feature of Samsung Crown S pen.

Unlike any other previous S pen. This year’s S pen transforms it from a simple digital pen to a full tech remote control. Since S pen is using a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) it can be use as remote control within 10 meters. The S pen is automatically charged when you put it back to your smartphones, in just 40 seconds it will be fully charged. Providing enough power for 30 minutes of use or clicking the S pen button up to 200 times. The ideal feature of S pen is using it as a remote control especially in PowerPoint Presentations and Slideshows directly on the Samsung Crown.

The S pen’s function can be customized by simply pressing and holding the button on the side to load an application. And aside from that, once you’ve propped up your phone for a perfect shot or you can take a selfie with your friends. Simply click the S pen button to take pictures. Once you’ve taken your shot, you can also use the S Pen to tweak its saturation, overlay some text, or freehand draw a yellow teddy bear. Taking and editing photos has never been as seamless as before.

The S Pen also allows users to take notes on the fly through the Screen-Off Memo feature, as well as navigate, translate, and organize notes through Samsung Notes, and send personalized texts through Samsung Live Message, which was first introduced in the Note series.

Is the Samsung Crown with S pen best for you?

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